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Refund Policy

The places on all our workshops aren't  'just for anyone and everyone' so we have to manage our participant places very carefully.  We also understand that sometimes, things happen that are out of our control and that with the best will in the world, cancellations happen.

Applying cancellation charges is our last resort. We will be as flexible as possible in terms of re-scheduling non-residential courses without prejudice to the terms and conditions detailed below.

Once you've been accepted, we'd much prefer that you experience the BAY course than to have an empty space.  With that in mind please give us the opportunity to work with you.

1.0 Curtailment

1.1 Curtailment is when you have started the course but, for whatever reason, cannot finish it.  In all instances where you have curtailed, no refunds or partial refunds are payable.

2.0 Expulsion

2.1 We expect certain standards of behaviour and effort. If we have to expel you from the course, no refunds or partial refunds are payable.  Expulsion from a course is an absolute last resort for us.

3.0 Cancellation

3.1 Cancellations must be made via e-mail; no exceptions.

This is so that everyone has a written record of what happened and when. We will acknowledge your cancellation within 24 hours of receipt. The date of cancellation is deemed to be the date on which you sent us the cancellation e-mail.

3.2 Acceptance to attend a course is deemed as confirmed once the course has been paid for.

3.3 You can cancel your place for a refund within fourteen days of making your payment.

3.4 If you cancel after 14 calendar days of making your payment and 28 calendar days before your course starts, a total 50% of your course fee will be refunded.

3.5 If you cancel within 14 calendar days before the course starts, no refund will be due.

4.0 Refunds

4.1 No refunds are payable under any circumstances once you have completed your course(s).

4.2 You will receive the monies due within fourteen calendar days of the refund being agreed.

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