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 Junior BAY Course  

Non residential

Approximately years 5 - 9

The Junior BAY Course balances the enjoyment of music making with the basics of vocal technique and musicianship. Run daily from 9.30am – 5.30pm, this non -residential course promises to be an exciting and immersive experience geared to younger, unchanged voices.

Repertoire is specifically selected to develop:

·       musicianship skills

·       an awareness and understanding of vocal technique &

·       an understanding of  learning, creating and performing music.

Rehearsal sessions throughout the day are peppered with games (outdoor and in!), sectional rehearsals, individual time and quick learn material.

The fee for Junior-BAY Easter 2023 is £220

The experience of making music is like no other, particularly when working with the voice. This is a course where the participants will leave, singing the repertoire they’ve learned throughout the week, all whilst having a better understanding of what’s vocally appropriate and how they’re doing it!

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