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All About BAY

The idea of BAY (Battle Abbey Youth) was established approximately five years ago when, courageously, Judith and I agreed to develop a five day, non - residential choral course, primarily aimed at students who, quite simply, enjoyed the experience of singing and making music as a group.  Find out more...

 Junior BAY Course  

The Junior BAY Course balances the enjoyment of music making with the basics of vocal technique and musicianship. Run daily from 9.30am – 5.30pm, this non -residential course promises to be an exciting and immersive experience geared to younger, unchanged voices.  Find out more...

 Junior BAY Course  
 Inter BAY Course  

The Inter - BAY Course bridges the gap between Junior BAY and Senior BAY, with a particular focus on the changing male voice and the developing female voice. Find out more...

 Senior BAY Course

Senior BAY explores a range of repertoire, giving participants an opportunity to delve into several genres and discover the capabilities of, not only their individual voices, but also the possibilities when voices are combined.  Find out more...

  Chamber BAY   

All participants on this course will be involved in three or four large ensembles, up to two small ensembles, with some solo opportunities. You can expect detailed, high intensity sessions in voice production, musicianship, drama & movement - all overseen by a guest conductor. 


BAY Professional Training Programme (B.P.T.P.).  Judith & I have been training young people as part of the Junior BAY Courses since its conception. This training has always occurred in an ‘unofficial’ capacity, enabling us to adapt the training to the individual such that they developed as educators and musicians whilst contributing to the course.

It seems word has travelled and, now, a number of budding educators are interested in learning to deliver high quality voice training & musicianship on the Junior BAY Courses.  Find out more...

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