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By application only

Day or Residential

Age 18+


Judith & I have been training young people as part of the Junior BAY Courses since its conception. This training has always occurred in an ‘unofficial’ capacity, enabling us to adapt the training to the individual such that they developed as educators and musicians whilst contributing to the course.

It seems word has travelled and, now, a number of budding educators are interested in learning to deliver high quality voice training & musicianship on the Junior BAY Courses.

Both the Easter & Christmas Junior BAY Courses provide wonderful training opportunities and experiences for those who see themselves potentially working with young musicians in the future. The Bay Professional Training Programme (B.P.T.P) presents an opportunity to train with Travis & Judith and, whilst we’re focused on not losing the individual aspect, candidates will be expected to be involved with, or deliver the following:


·       A daily physical / vocal warm up.

·       Teaching a small ensemble an entire piece and conducting it in the final performance or open rehearsal.

·       Conducting sectional rehearsals - keyboard skills would be helpful; basic reading skills, essential.

·       If you have more vocal skill, there may be an opportunity for you to deliver some private tuition.

·       To teach & ‘move’ a piece of repertoire should one of your skills be movement, dance and/or choreography.

·       Teaching the group quick learn material in the form of games, and/or repertoire.

·       Taking musicianship classes, involving teaching the group basic music theory and applying it to the set repertoire. We suggest
         that this is done through games, we will happily provide ideas, support and materials as necessary.


All of the above will be observed by Judith and/or Travis and feedback will be provided throughout the week.

A session with a performance coach, Martin Riley, (see ‘staff’) will be offered to help you make the most of the experience. This will be scheduled early in the week so there’s appropriate time to implement ideas and suggestions.

In addition to the above, expenses will be paid and there is the possibility of accommodation should travelling be an issue.

We are looking for two candidates for each course, who must be able to work well independently and as part of a team. You must be at least 18 before the course starts.

Your place on the B.P.T.P is subject to a DBS check.

Applications will be taken for both Courses and need to be submitted well before course commencement. Decisions will be made by end of October for both Christmas and Easter Courses. Please ensure your own availability for the entirety of the Course.

Should you wish to apply, please write a brief paragraph detailing why this would be a useful experience to you and what you might be able to bring to the course. Please supply the contact details of one referee.

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