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 All About BAY

The concept of BAY Coureses was established several years ago when Judith and I agreed to develop a five day, non - residential choral course, primarily aimed at students who, quite simply, enjoyed the experience of singing and making music as a group.

We integrated aspects from our own training into this initial course, with a particular focus on vocal health and technique, but always with the aim of developing the well - rounded musician, not just a voice.

Such was the success of this first course we soon divided BAY into Junior BAY and Senior BAY – both courses offering a slightly different experience based on age and vocal maturity.

Every year, we injected the courses with something new – specific voice specialists, sessions on anatomy and physiology of the voice, a harmony specialist, musicianship sessions, challenging repertoire spanning several genres, a choreographer, the experience of singing in the ruins of Battle Abbey, private tuition … and so the BAY Course experience has grown, and developed into something quite unique.

There are now four, specifically crafted, BAY Courses on offer: Junior BAY, Inter-BAY, Senior BAY & Chamber BAY, each one
offering a very different experience. What hasn’t changed is what we set out to achieve – offering young people the opportunity to discover their voices and become musicians, all whilst enjoying making music.

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